Offtake Partnerships

Archaea Energy is on a mission to enhance the role of RNG in helping organizations decarbonize and achieve their sustainability goals.

We seek to sell at least 60-70% of the RNG production from our portfolio of projects to creditworthy partners under long-term, fixed price agreements. We focus on long-term RNG offtake partnerships with corporations, universities, and utilities, enabling these entities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve decarbonization targets while utilizing their existing gas infrastructure.

Our projects are well-suited for long-term contracting because landfill gas has a very predictable 20- to 30-year production profile, which when coupled with expected growth in U.S. landfill waste, creates 40-60 years of landfill gas feedstock visibility. Our long-term offtake agreements can have terms of up to 25 years and are customized to meet each organization’s unique needs.

Archaea Energy’s offtake partners own the RNG. We help them displace any current use of fossil fuel-based natural gas or sell the RNG as either valuable renewable feedstock or into the variable markets. All RNG under the agreement will have corresponding environmental benefits.

An investment in RNG with Archaea Energy gives our offtake partners options for the life of the contract and provides an economic, predictable, sustainable, and reliable option for decarbonization.

Benefits of a Partnership with Archaea Energy

Geographic Flexibility

We can deliver RNG from our portfolio of production facilities to customers across North America using existing infrastructure, providing more sourcing options and the potential for future cost savings.


Flexible Contract Terms

We understand that every situation is unique. We can tailor agreements to meet the diverse needs of customers over long-term time horizons.


Long-Term Outlook

We support our customers’ long-term commitments to renewable energy and decarbonization and help partners achieve environmental goals. Agreements are underpinned by stable multi-decade gas production at our facilities.


The University of California (“UC”) launched its Carbon Neutrality Initiative in 2013 with a commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from its buildings and vehicle fleet to net carbon neutral by 2025. UC’s strategy to achieve this goal includes replacing high-carbon energy sources with low-carbon energy sources, including solar, wind, and biogas. UC and Archaea Energy have a dynamic and multi-dimensional long-term partnership for the supply of RNG from multiple Archaea Energy facilities

Transportation of RNG

Archaea Energy produces pipeline-quality RNG and utilizes existing gas infrastructure to reach customers throughout North America. On existing pipelines, we can deliver RNG coast-to-coast, to every metropolis in the continental U.S., and to markets that place the greatest value on the environmental benefits of our low carbon fuel.

Environmental Attributes

The term “environmental attributes” is used to describe the renewable, low-carbon characteristics that translate into various crediting or greenhouse gas accounting aspects of RNG. This has historically applied to transportation fuel markets, but also includes future and potential markets for RNG. Selling RNG as transportation fuel enables the seller to participate in federal and state incentive programs such as the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard (“RFS”) or California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (“LCFS”). RNG generates D3 (Cellulosic Biofuel) Renewable Identification Numbers (“RINs”) under the RFS. LCFS credit values are determined based on the carbon intensity score of the RNG project. Credit values under federal and state programs fluctuate based on supply-demand imbalances and regulatory changes.