Our Story

Archaea Energy has a comprehensive portfolio of operational RNG and landfill gas to renewable electricity projects, best in class operating experience, and a deep inventory of highly economic, low-risk RNG development projects.

Archaea Energy is seeking to redefine the RNG industry by bringing a disciplined and sustainable approach to RNG project development, from a cost-efficient manufacturing approach utilizing the best available technologies and processes, to a differentiated commercial strategy focused on selling RNG under long-term, fixed-price contracts to creditworthy partners.

Archaea Energy is uniquely positioned to meet the future challenges of RNG development.


Archaea is derived from the Greek word archaios, meaning “ancient” or “primitive.” Archaea are a domain of single-celled organisms including methanogens, which produce methane gas as a natural byproduct of anaerobic decomposition, turning waste into renewable energy.

Mission and Commitment

Supporting a world that makes responsible energy choices.

Archaea Energy is on a mission to maximize the power of RNG to create sustainability and stability for future generations.

  • ENHANCE SUSTAINABILITY through RNG by reducing reliance on fossil fuels and reusing waste by recycling its energy content.
  • INCREASE THE IMPACT of RNG by increasing production through operational efficiency and executing quickly on development opportunities.
  • EMPOWER PARTNERS to meet their mandated and voluntary decarbonization targets and improve their environmental footprints.
  • REDUCE EMISSIONS and achieve zero or negative carbon intensity of our products through on-site renewable power and CO2 sequestration opportunities.

Our business is built around the core values of safety, sustainability, collaboration, responsibility, integrity, and respect.


Solid waste is expected to grow nearly 70% by 2050 due to natural human activity. RNG provides an immediate and ongoing solution for capturing emissions from waste and transforming them into a source of lean, reliable fuel that displaces fossil fuel-based natural gas.

Source: The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas

Our History

Archaea Energy’s founders, Nick Stork and Richard Walton, embarked upon their RNG journey as landfill owners in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They wanted to convert their landfill into a renewable energy center by building an onsite RNG plant, but many options did not meet their desired specifications or budget. Our team decided to build the project themselves and completed their first RNG plant at less than half the cost of outside estimates.

This project led to the formation of Archaea Energy LLC. The team quickly hired leading experts in the RNG field with a focus on gas separation, project development, and engineering. The company’s strategy centered around implementing an innovative, cost-efficient manufacturing approach to project development and a commercial strategy focused on long-term contracts.

In 2021, Rice Acquisition Corp., a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company, combined with Archaea Energy LLC and Aria Energy LLC, a company with over 30 years of experience in renewable energy, over 20 operational RNG and landfill gas to renewable electricity projects, and approximately 100 highly trained plant operators across the U.S.

The combined company, now named Archaea Energy, is a proven, experienced, technology driven RNG developer with operational scale and a deep inventory of growth opportunities.