Renewable Energy. Redefined.

Archaea Energy is an emerging leader in developing renewable natural gas (“RNG”) which is a sustainable decarbonizing solution for high-carbon emission processes and industries that are impossible or inefficient to electrify.

U.S. landfills release more than 100 million metric tons of CO2e every year.

In a landfill, naturally-occurring anaerobic digestion of organic matter produces biogas over a 30-50 year time frame. About half of this gas is methane, which if not collected escapes into the atmosphere where it is 25 times more destructive than CO2 as a greenhouse gas.

Carbon emissions create global climate problems.

Over the past 171 years, human activities have raised atmospheric concentrations of CO2 by 48% above pre-industrial levels found in 1850.

The Solution is Renewable Natural Gas

Archaea Energy captures recurring emissions from waste and converts them into a low carbon fuel source to create a circular, sustainable economy. RNG is a reliable, non-intermittent, renewable energy source, that enables our partners to decarbonize.

How We Do It

We BUILD, OPERATE and MANAGE your RNG Project from beginning to end.

Archaea and Natural Gas Buyers

Purchasing RNG from our portfolio of projects under long-term agreements can help you decarbonize while leveraging your existing infrastructure.

Archaea and Landfill Owners

We partner with landfill owners to help them use their perpetual feedstock sources of RNG to decarbonize and turn landfills into renewable energy centers.

Harness Methane.
Cut Carbon.
Power Sustainably.

Archaea and RNG

RNG Capabilities

  • Industry leading uptime and development costs
  • Commercial strategies to maximize the value of LFG
  • Long-term fixed-price contracts

RNG Technology

  • Innovation-driven approach
  • Patented biogas membrane separation process
  • Developing CO2 sequestration technologies and green hydrogen solutions

RNG Experience

  • Entrepreneurial management team
  • Proven technical operators
  • Our team has experience developing 30+ RNG plants
ICF estimates RNG has the potential to reduce GHG emissions by 235 million metric tons by 2040.1
We can help you reach your potential. The more we reduce GHG, the more we sustain the planet.

1. The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas