ICF estimates renewable natural gas has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 235 million metric tons by 2040.*

*Renewable Sources of Natural Gas: Supply and Emissions Reduction Assessment, an American Gas Foundation Study prepared by ICF, published December 2019.

Archaea Energy is helping create a more circular, sustainable economy.

ORGANIC MATERIAL from landfills, farms, and wastewater facilities generates biogas which can be TRANSFORMED to create low carbon renewable natural gas.


Our projects CAPTURE RECURRING EMISSIONS from waste, improve local air quality, and generate new revenue sources for landfill and farm owners.


Our commercial partners utilize our renewable energy in their EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURE to reduce their carbon footprints and MEET SUSTAINABILITY GOALS.


Our innovation-driven approach enables us to design, build, and operate RNG projects that are expected to have higher uptime and efficiency, faster project timelines, and lower development costs than industry averages.

We partner with landfill owners to help them transform their long-lived feedstock sources into RNG and convert their landfills into renewable energy centers. We provide our commercial partners a reliable, non-intermittent, sustainable decarbonizing solution to displace fossil fuels in high-carbon emission processes and industries that are impossible or inefficient to electrify.

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